Classes to suit every level, every mood and every schedule

Classic Class

Classic (90 minutes)

A classical hot yoga class. Develop alignment, strength, stamina and flexibility. A full body workout suitable for all ages and levels.

Fierce Grace Class

Fierce Grace (90 minutes)

Our signature general level class performed to music. Hip openers, deep twists, upper body strengthening, bum and ab toners, this flowing class works on 100% of the body.

Deep Core Class

Deep Core (75 minutes)

Our deep stretch class. This relaxing, floor-based class is designed to realign postural issues, get deeply into tight areas and release stress. The slow pace improves flexibility, breath and alignment. Suitable for all levels.

The Fix Class

The Fix (60 mins)

A combination of Fierce Grace and Classic with some added surprises. This is a supercharged class designed to deliver all you need when you are high on motivation but low on time.

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